Nature of Vieques

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Isla de Vieques is an island with many gorgeous beaches, breathtaking views, snorkeling and fishing areas and the famous Bio-Bay. For these reasons, the island is gradually becoming a main attraction for Puerto Rico visitors. But few know that it is also a former Navy land and now a National Wildlife Refuge. Abundant in population of wild horses and birds and adorned with lush exotic trees and flowers, the island is a true beauty.

There is something mesmerizing about seeing wild horses everywhere: on the beach, the roads, near your hotel – everywhere. Many look like unicorns (they are real right?). The horses are frequently accompanied by funny, small white birds called Cattle Egret who casually sit on top of horses (and cows) just hanging out. When visiting the Bio-Bay, we saw a large population of Hermet crabs quickly digging themselves out of the sand and torpedoing around for a little before burying themselves in the sand again. In addition to common palm trees, a generous variety of shrubs, tall cacti and agave, Vieques also offers delightful hot pink Amapola flowers, which add some ambient color to the calm island.

IMG_6912There are avocado trees also. I never knew they could grow so tall. It is a very green island and I could not possibly list or know its rich flora and fauna but I did snap some enjoyable photos.


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  • Valerie
    September 24, 2014

    What a lovely description of natural Vieques! It certainly captured my imagination! Although we have plenty of Snowy Egrets and Herons in Maryland, I’ve never heard of their tropical relative, the Cattle Egret, and was happy to learn about their distinctive peachy orange-red head and belly. A wonderful post!

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