Nola, the Crazy Frengle

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It was a hard post for me to write, as I had to go back in time and review the traumatic events in my life caused by Nola, the crazy Frengle; an awkward mixture of a Beagle and a French Bulldog. Enough said? She was crazy as a puppy, is still crazy now, and will probably be crazy forever. Just look at the photos and sympathize with us. Nonetheless, we love her endlessly and at least she is not boring. When we decided to get a dog, we were firmly set on going to a shelter and saving a life. But dummy me had to stroll into a pet store in the West Village and stumble upon a Frengle…


Nola did not come from a pet shop but because of this shop I knew that my dog was a Frengle. Of course you cannot find Frengles at shelters…or anywhere. After an extensive search, we finally found a breeder in Kentucky and “ordered” our pup. She was not the pup we chose initially, as the chosen one got sold and we were stuck with the leftover. We should have known that she was gonna be a mischief from the photos the breeder sent to acquaint us with the puppy. Nola, (originally named Diana for Diana Ross) was always playing in the grass with something in her mouth or running through some wires on the farm. She was born a diva, hence the original name. Pay attention to signs people! We did not find any info on this breed online before getting her but since I was jaded by the breed, we took a raw chance. Only after we got her, all of a sudden the Frengle facts started to emerge. But it was already too late…

When she arrived, she was not even 2 months old and weighed 6.2lbs; a tiny creature taken away from her family too early. She came with a teddy bear and a blanket that smelled like her mommy and siblings. She dragged the bear and blanket into the crate and curled up afraid to come out. She was an angel, or so we thought. We named her Nola for New Orleans, Louisiana because we love NOLA so much.

Nola gets her brindle coat from her Frenchie daddy and her physique and character from the Beagle mommy – a noble lady, I hear. Frengles are supposed to be crazy outside (like a Beagle) and home potatoes inside (like a Frenchie) but turns out, Nola was crazy all around. The only Frenchie parts in her were the farting part and a locking jaw part (she literally hung from things). She became familiar and comfortable with everything on day 3. Running around, jumping on the sofa and the bed, chewing everything up. She was a destroyer. We looked like heroin addicts for moths because she dug her very sharp baby teeth into our arms and legs leaving bruises. You could not make a step without Nola jumping on your feet like a ninja immediately ripping your socks and making you bleed.

Crate training was a painful experience…for us. Nola’s constant crying, the getting up every 1.5-2 hours at night, the sleeping on the floor with her…oh… you name it, we did it. While still in training, she had the living room and the hallway to herself when we left for work. The things this 2+ month old, 10-12lb soft ball did in there were horrendous. Every day we came home to an unimaginable mess. We cleaned for 1-2 hours daily. She shredded the rugs, the training pads, the pillows and dragged it all around leaving chaotic trails behind. She also chewed up all the wall corners and part of the floor and found an old telephone wire in the wall (!) and dug it out. I really cannot say anymore – just see the photos. She is now almost 1.5 years old and 26 lbs. She made amends with the crate and is still crated when we are not home because if she is out and about, we’ll come home to puppyhood. She is a sneaky one. We do not leave her alone even for a few minutes even when we are home. I have a 3-minute rule: if I do not hear her for more than 2-3 minutes, something is going down.

Nola is beautiful, playful, funny, and makes us so happy. We love to come home to her…now…even though she still has accidents sometimes, only cares for food, digs through our bed, steals socks/toilet paper/paper towels/ shoes (if she can get to them), rips her blankets and beds to shreds and does all that kinds of mischievous stuff. We know she loves us but she loves food more (like mama). Our girl. Our Frengle. Our love.

Hope you understood Frengles a little 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!!

  • Valerie
    September 25, 2014

    Love the Frenchie parts about Nola…but must admit, that farting is international…wait, are we talking about dogs here?

  • Irene
    April 26, 2017

    I so wish I had read your post Angelina before I brought Toby home. Intent on owning a miniature beagle, I soon realized most pups advertised weren’t as such, and that most were not mini’s, I found Toby amongst from a breeder. and just fell in love with the pictures and his fun, silly personality. Toby arrived to me 2 weeks before Christmas 2016, at just 3 months old; I call him my Christmas baby. Although he is slightly more mild than Nola, he cannot be trusted for a second alone; let alone with any form of paper, paper towels, laundry, TP; you name it he grabs it and will tear it to shreds if he is able. Toby is 7 months now, and still has not House broken. I swear he never will and my life is permanently cleaning up accident after mess after mess. Although I love him dearly, he still whimpers once he’s in the crate, even at first before bed. Although he will sleep soundly overnight long as I’m within a foot of his view. He’s such a little love bug but at times I’m ready to pull my hair out and am convinced he’s ruined my life.
    I hope my story has put ur mind at ease, seemingly knowing all frengles must be crazy. How is Nola now that she is older? How long did the house breaking take?

    • Irene
      April 26, 2017

      Feel free to follow me on IG @ toby_the_frengle to see more of my life’s craziness!

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