My name is Angelina

Below you will find, a few words about my blog and me

Blog: This blog is sort of like a puzzle. A seemingly random collection of disengaged pieces, which slowly expands into a more wholesome picture as I add stories, experiences, and photos. I started blogging because I wanted to share my weird stories and experiences with others and to let people know who Frengles are…no, really. My goal is to create a fun, casual, and humorous experience for my readers. I hope you will enjoy the posts and the photos and smile at least once after each. Thank you for reading!

Favorite Eats:

LOVE FOOD!!!Love: Spanish Food, cheese, coffee, ice-cream, bananas, avocados, shrimp, mussels, hazel nuts, twizzlers…and everything else.

Favorite Music:

I am a Grunge girl but also love heavy stuff and dark wave.


Hate shorts, 80’s hair, cheap people, arrogance, ignorance, bull.

Girl: Melancholic Girl. Dry Sense of Humor. Live and See Life in Pastel Colors. Love Traveling. Seek Balance. Appreciate Quality Solitude & Love ‘em Elephants. Owner of an insane Frengle named Nola (Beagle/Frenchie mix … I know). Fan of my talented musician husband. Proud twin of a scientifically brilliant sister. I love to humor myself and others. Nothing brings me more joy than making someone laugh…and I try not to be friends with people who do not have a proper sense of humor.  I love food. I hope to never become a vegan by choice but I also adore animals; so naturally, I am faced with a dilemma. I love art but poetry is not my thing. I do not pretend to understand something when I don’t or agree with majorities if I strongly feel otherwise. The Girl.

Words I dislike:

Ceremony, Community, Cliché, Meal.

Words I like:

oh, those would mostly be the inappropriate ones … sorry readers; but among the ones that are appropriate: ****, ****, ********, *******