Sisterly Love

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Our pup Nola came to us from Kentucky in February 2013, she was 7.5 weeks old. Nola is a Frengle – half a Beagle, half a French Bulldog. When the breeder delivered her (yes, he drove her to NY!), he said that Nola’s sister was also delivered to a couple in NY and that we should meet up for play dates…reunite the family, so to speak. I mean what are the chances of someone: #1 buying a Frengle (nobody knows what they are); #2 buying the pup from the same breeder; #3 two frengels from the same breeder ending up in one big NYC. Bizarre I tell you. Of course we wanted the two to meet!!… and also sympathize with the doomed couple…Frengles are a trip…they are insane in the membrane, tough breed to manage for sure.

Nola, the Crazy Frengle

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It was a hard post for me to write, as I had to go back in time and review the traumatic events in my life caused by Nola, the crazy Frengle; an awkward mixture of a Beagle and a French Bulldog. Enough said? She was crazy as a puppy, is still crazy now, and will probably be crazy forever. Just look at the photos and sympathize with us. Nonetheless, we love her endlessly and at least she is not boring. When we decided to get a dog, we were firmly set on going to a shelter and saving a life. But dummy me had to stroll into a pet store in the West Village and stumble upon a Frengle…


The Antler.

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Note: These tips are recommended based on our own experiences and may not work for your dog.

Nola is a very avid chewer. I think she can go through glass and metal if we gave it to her. She is only 26lbs but chews like a monster and the teething period has been over for months now. She has a method to her madness and none of the toys we buy last. We buy everything supersize for the little devil. The soft toys and small-breed toys are totally out of the question for us. The “virtually indestructible” toys for large breeds, the Kong Extremes (went through 5 of them bad boys), the super tight humongous braded toys (probably went through about 8-ish), the tough rubber  balls (countless?) – pretty much anything you can imagine in the dog toy world, Nola has had, and inevitably destroyed in a very short period of time. The pup constantly needs to be busy with something, otherwise she whines and cries and jumps on us and is very annoying. She cannot stay bored…it is bad for our health. Then we discovered the Antler…