Oh, That Poor Salmon

By: Friday, July 25, 2014 0 Permalink 1

I know, I know-here comes salmon again; that poor overused fish. I think even my dog has a recipe for salmon (95% sure of that). Yes, I am aware that there are gazillion recipes of salmon and you have seen them all before. I have too. I just want to throw one out there anyway. My favorite two fish (oh, how I wish I could say fishes) are tuna and salmon. I always tell my husband that the last meal (gosh I hate this word) of my life will surely be a tuna/avocado sandwich and crispy fries. I won’t “go” ‘til I get it! But salmon is always more readily available than tuna is and allows for a quick, painless dinner.

Croutons to the Rescue

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Croutons have a special place in my heart. My father used to make lots of them, all the time. He used white and black bread and various seasonings and it always smelled crouton-ish in our kitchen. I surely remember the smell and the wonderful taste. But I never really make my own croutons and every time the bread in my house goes bad (usually it is the unfortunate white bread that rarely visits my kitchen), I am almost in tears, as it is barbaric and unethical to throw out bread (even if it is white). Ever! And, it happens so, that my healthy husband cannot live without bread. Ever!