I Love NY. I Love Woodstock.

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I Love NY! or do I love NYC? Tourists and even many born and raised New Yorkers associate New York with New York City – and understandably so. The City famous for its fusion of world cultures, cuisines, and fashion has an unfathomable appeal to all. The City with no limits to its universal acceptance of everyone and everything. The City where beauty is defined. Not surprisingly, few view NY in a wholesome light: New York City plus the State. The State has its own unfathomable appeal and defines its own beauty. Among many such beauties, the Catskill Mountains region is a worthy contestant. Catskills is a vast region of NY, which reminds New Yorkers that we not only live in a stone and glass jungle but also in a green, mountainous State. Less than a 3 hour drive from the City, many parts of the region make for a perfect long weekend getaway. One such part is a legendary town of Woodstock. 


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Flight Attendant: “Welcome to Ireland! We hope you enjoyed your flight aboard Aer Lingus. It was a pleasure serving you, we hope you fly again with us soon.” Then he mentioned the local time and  the crappy weather.

Me: “Thank you! I believe this flight gave me permanent neck and back damage from sitting in a spiral position and I might have gotten a migraine from the bright lights that I had hoped would be turned off during a “red eye” flight. And yeah, crappy weather was right! Ireland welcomed us with a kiss of low temperature and pouring rain and a nice hug of wind.

And then of course you have to figure out how to drive on the “proper side of the road.” Welcome to Ireland indeed!

Among the uncomfortable flight, the nasty weather, and adjusting to “proper” driving, my hubby and I began to have reservations about Ireland…But Ireland proved us wrong…

The Ski Thief

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This absurd winter incident happened last year. I swear these things only happen to me. Most of my friends have heard this story already (and laughed really hard) but if anyone other than my friends is reading this post, you will get a real kick out of this one. So, this past winter season I finally decided (30+ years too late but whatever…) to learn how to ski. My husband was ecstatic because for the longest time he insisted on doing some “sporting activity” that we could enjoy as a couple. Now, I am by no means a sporty kinda gal. Sporting genes are just not in me. I can barely walk, really. But I love winter and its sports and wanted to give skiing a fair shot. Plus, if I learned how to ski even a little, I would not spend gorgeous winter days alone while my husband is “courting” the slopes.

The Move

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So, I recently moved from a “Manhattan” office to a… Manhattan office. See, my office just moved from a “fancy ghetto” neighborhood in the city (I shall explain) to a “fancy, fancy” neighborhood in the city. It was like moving from a spacious 1-BD apartment in an old building somewhere by Coney Island in Brooklyn to a small but newly constructed studio in a modern building somewhere in Carroll Gardens. The “hood” and the “neighborhood” are only a few subway stops apart but are a world of difference.