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Flight Attendant: “Welcome to Ireland! We hope you enjoyed your flight aboard Aer Lingus. It was a pleasure serving you, we hope you fly again with us soon.” Then he mentioned the local time and  the crappy weather.

Me: “Thank you! I believe this flight gave me permanent neck and back damage from sitting in a spiral position and I might have gotten a migraine from the bright lights that I had hoped would be turned off during a “red eye” flight. And yeah, crappy weather was right! Ireland welcomed us with a kiss of low temperature and pouring rain and a nice hug of wind.

And then of course you have to figure out how to drive on the “proper side of the road.” Welcome to Ireland indeed!

Among the uncomfortable flight, the nasty weather, and adjusting to “proper” driving, my hubby and I began to have reservations about Ireland…But Ireland proved us wrong…

The Louisiana Swamp – a Life of its Own 

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There is something indescribably magical about pristine Southern wild wetlands, marshes, cypress swamps, and bayous. Such areas are notably found in the Mississippi River region in Louisiana, although a variety of low lands exists across the world. These incredible low lying wetlands have a life and culture of their own. Rich in wildlife, including alligators, deadly snakes, raccoons, owls, fish (crawfish, catfish) and other creatures, the areas are truly a unique feature of Louisiana and indeed of all America. The swamps of New Orleans, just half an hour away from the vibrant city life of the French Quarter, are considered some of the most beautiful and extraordinary ones. This is where I fell in love with NOLA’s swamps while torpedoing through the land on an airboat.

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Nature of Vieques

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Isla de Vieques is an island with many gorgeous beaches, breathtaking views, snorkeling and fishing areas and the famous Bio-Bay. For these reasons, the island is gradually becoming a main attraction for Puerto Rico visitors. But few know that it is also a former Navy land and now a National Wildlife Refuge. Abundant in population of wild horses and birds and adorned with lush exotic trees and flowers, the island is a true beauty.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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I was hoarding this little post, sorry. I think the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of the most beautiful, calm, and underrated places in Brooklyn.  The tourists (thankfully) rarely make it there, although they are also missing out on the wonderful Brooklyn Museum nearby. I love visiting the garden when it rains because there is barely anyone there and you can see all of its beauty in black, white, and grey tones. You can breathe nature and make it through the garden in slow pace and in peace. You enjoy gazing at Magnolias, Orchids, Rhododendrons, Tulips, Roses, Lotus, Peonies, Water-Lilies and so much more. The Japanese garden really brings out the vivid colors during sunny days and stands still in gloom during moody ones. It is enchanting and playful to the eye to see large, colorful fish swimming around in the pond and small turtles hiding behind the rocks from the lazy eyes. It is a heavenly place for people who love nature and who are crafty with their cameras. The lily pool terrace is magnificent when colorful tulips are in bloom. Of course if you can make it to see the Cherry Blossoms, you should. If you need to think about something, pick a rainy weekday and go make amends with your brain.