Croutons to the Rescue

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Croutons have a special place in my heart. My father used to make lots of them, all the time. He used white and black bread and various seasonings and it always smelled crouton-ish in our kitchen. I surely remember the smell and the wonderful taste. But I never really make my own croutons and every time the bread in my house goes bad (usually it is the unfortunate white bread that rarely visits my kitchen), I am almost in tears, as it is barbaric and unethical to throw out bread (even if it is white). Ever! And, it happens so, that my healthy husband cannot live without bread. Ever!

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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I was hoarding this little post, sorry. I think the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of the most beautiful, calm, and underrated places in Brooklyn.  The tourists (thankfully) rarely make it there, although they are also missing out on the wonderful Brooklyn Museum nearby. I love visiting the garden when it rains because there is barely anyone there and you can see all of its beauty in black, white, and grey tones. You can breathe nature and make it through the garden in slow pace and in peace. You enjoy gazing at Magnolias, Orchids, Rhododendrons, Tulips, Roses, Lotus, Peonies, Water-Lilies and so much more. The Japanese garden really brings out the vivid colors during sunny days and stands still in gloom during moody ones. It is enchanting and playful to the eye to see large, colorful fish swimming around in the pond and small turtles hiding behind the rocks from the lazy eyes. It is a heavenly place for people who love nature and who are crafty with their cameras. The lily pool terrace is magnificent when colorful tulips are in bloom. Of course if you can make it to see the Cherry Blossoms, you should. If you need to think about something, pick a rainy weekday and go make amends with your brain.

Seeing in Color

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Life in Calm Colors...

Life in Calm Colors…

A close friend of mine, an experienced blogger and a talented DIY woman, has always been fascinated by people who have “natural abilities…” of any kind. A “natural eye” for photography, “natural aptitude” for painting, “natural ability” to fly a kite? (kidding?…maybe…not). During one of our extensive phone conversations, in which I was consulting her on the art of blogging, we were discussing just that topic and I jokingly mentioned that I “naturally” see certain things in color.