Sisterly Love

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Our pup Nola came to us from Kentucky in February 2013, she was 7.5 weeks old. Nola is a Frengle – half a Beagle, half a French Bulldog. When the breeder delivered her (yes, he drove her to NY!), he said that Nola’s sister was also delivered to a couple in NY and that we should meet up for play dates…reunite the family, so to speak. I mean what are the chances of someone: #1 buying a Frengle (nobody knows what they are); #2 buying the pup from the same breeder; #3 two frengels from the same breeder ending up in one big NYC. Bizarre I tell you. Of course we wanted the two to meet!!… and also sympathize with the doomed couple…Frengles are a trip…they are insane in the membrane, tough breed to manage for sure.