Rome, The Eternal City

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People say they have bucket lists. Well, if you are one of them and would like to add a single City in the world to visit before you…khe-khe…, do yourself a solid and pencil-in Rome. Italians call Rome the eternal City. Indeed, Rome’s history is truly eternal. One cannot simply recite it in any single book, movie or story, no matter how authentic book authors, movie directors, and story tellers try to be. The Rome of today seems like the Rome that existed centuries ago. In 2016, it still feels and looks as genuine as we historically know it to be. Old stone castles, medieval churches, Domes, marble stairs, iron gates, ancient ruins, crooked cobble streets, and even laundry hanging from peoples’ windows. Rome is real and is preserved in the bubble of time.

The Louisiana Swamp – a Life of its Own 

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There is something indescribably magical about pristine Southern wild wetlands, marshes, cypress swamps, and bayous. Such areas are notably found in the Mississippi River region in Louisiana, although a variety of low lands exists across the world. These incredible low lying wetlands have a life and culture of their own. Rich in wildlife, including alligators, deadly snakes, raccoons, owls, fish (crawfish, catfish) and other creatures, the areas are truly a unique feature of Louisiana and indeed of all America. The swamps of New Orleans, just half an hour away from the vibrant city life of the French Quarter, are considered some of the most beautiful and extraordinary ones. This is where I fell in love with NOLA’s swamps while torpedoing through the land on an airboat.

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